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Fulltec Cube

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application technology

Seeking better use of applications with uniform distribution, assertiveness to reach the target and prepare the water to receive other products, the entire line of the Spraytec has the unique application of technology with mix conditioner, pH reducer, low drift, anti-evaporation, spreader and adhesive.

ecological solutions

Amid a huge growing world population, there is a possibility of a shortage in raw materials and food in the near future. Spraytec has been contributing to the production of food by helping farmers increase productivity per area and by decreasing the volume of raw materials used.

state of the art

Spraytec produces state-of-the-art foliar fertilizers with a unique innovative technology, centered on the concepts of plant nutrition, health and application technology. Our product line is specially formulated with macro and micronutrient complexes to meet the nutrient and health needs of a variety of crops

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